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                  Bastien, offers original works with a certificate of authenticity given to the purchaser. My online store is developed to offer you the best experience fast and secure to reassure you of the follow-up I will be in contact with you. My customers know that they can count on me to offer them original and authentic items with a touch of humanism and in addition with a personalized touch for each of you. Browse my site and discover everything I have to offer.Cordially BASTIEN.


personalized advisory services

Customer satisfaction is part of Bastien-artiste’s DNA. Whether individuals, companies, collectors or novices, all are invited to benefit from an improved shopping experience thanks to Bastien-artiste’s personalized consulting service.

Bastien-artiste ensures an outstanding service throughout the purchase process.
Your interest, your tastes and your budget are at the heart of our recommendations.

    - The website is updated daily to ensure the availability of the latest artwork.

    - Personalized photography service provides access to additional photos and close-ups of a coveted work.

     - Personalized follow-up is offered to help a client with specific requests (formats, topics, etc.) find works of interest.

terms of use

Copyright and intellectual property

Reproduction of works of art
Bastien-artiste distributes images of works of art subject to copyright on its website. To respect these rights, Bastien-artiste asks users not to reproduce the images published on its site for uses other than fair dealing as provided by the Copyright Act (including for private study, research or education). In these special cases, Bastien-artiste asks users to indicate the full credit of the work (name of the artist, title of the work and any other mention indicated).

Changes to images that may affect the integrity of the work are not permitted (e.g. cropping of the image, additions of elements unrelated to the work, colour modification).

Bastien-artiste must never be associated with a brand, product, project or company following the use of an image published on its website. In addition, any reproduction for a use other than fair dealing within the meaning of the Copyright Act is prohibited without prior authorization from Bastien-artiste for this purpose.

Requests for reproduction should be sent by email to

Bastien-artiste cannot be held responsible for any use by third parties of images from its website that contravenes copyright laws.

Website Content
With the exception of the above-mentioned details relating to images of works of art, Bastien-artiste allows the use of the contents of its site for private purposes only, provided that the source of this information is Bastienartist and provided that copyright notices are not modified or deleted.

All types of documents contained in this site, including, but not limited to, texts, images, videos, audio or multimedia documents and logos of Bastien-artiste , are protected by the laws applicable in the territory of the province of Quebec. Unless otherwise stated, copyright applies to all materials accessed through this site.

Any other use or reproduction of the content of this site, in any form whatsoever, including downloading, publishing, reproduction on another site, dissemination on the Internet or use for public or commercial purposes is prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained from Bastien-artiste. To do so, you must send your request by email to

Use of the site by minors

Access to the Bastien-artiste website does not require a minimum age. Bastien-artiste would like to point out, however, that certain images that are broadcast, although of an artistic nature, may be considered inappropriate for young children. It is up to the holders of parental authority to exercise the control they deem necessary to ensure acceptable use of the Internet by minors for whom they are responsible.

Users under the age of 18 must obtain permission from a holder of parental authority before submitting personal information via the Bastien-artiste website. A conclusive verification cannot be made by Bastien-artist in this respect, good faith must prevail in the conduct of users. Bastien-artiste does not knowingly collect any information from minors.

Users under the age of 18 may not use the Site to purchase Products, as they are under the legal age to enter into a purchase agreement through the Site and are bound by the terms of such agreement. If the user is not over the age of majority, a parent or guardian should use the site on their behalf, to avoid using the site alone and providing personal information to Bastien-artiste.

Limitation of liability

Although Bastien-artiste does everything in its power to ensure that the website contains no errors and that the information posted online is strictly accurate, Bastien-artiste disclaims all responsibility for any errors that may be found there. If there is a discrepancy between the information on this website and that available in the workshop, the information available in the workshop takes precedence. In addition, Bastien-artiste makes no representation regarding the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of the elements reproduced on the site or the results resulting from the use of such elements. Bastien-artiste does not guarantee any document, data or other content as soon as it is altered or modified in any way, after download or not.

Bastien-artiste cannot be held responsible for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use the site or its content. Its manager, can in no case be held responsible for any damage directly or indirectly related to the use of the site, including the loss of enjoyment, data or profits arising from the use of or inability to use the Site Materials.

Product information and availability

Although Bastien-artist strives to provide accurate information on items and prices, there remains a risk of error. Bastien-artiste reserves the right to correct any error in the price of an item or the information relating to an item, and to change the prices of items at any time, without notice. If the price or information relating to an item (which appears on the site and/or in the order confirmation) is inaccurate due to an error in pricing or in the information relating to the item, Bastien-artiste may, in its sole discretion, refuse or cancel an order. In the event of a pricing error, Bastien-artiste will cancel the order, then contact the customer to invite them to place a new order for the item at the corrected price.

Everything is done in Bastien-artist to display as faithfully as possible the works that appear on the website However, no one can guarantee that the representation of colors on the screen of users is accurate. This rendering is based on many parameters related to the operation and use of their computer.

As the availability of items on is limited in nature, original works are offered until sold. Bastien-artiste may at any time stop making a work available, without notice. If Bastien-artiste is unable to deliver an ordered item because it is no longer offered, it will notify the customer by email or telephone and its order will be automatically cancelled in respect of the item in question. Bastien-artiste will not be responsible for any damage suffered due to the non-availability of an article.

Dimensions of the works
All dimensions shown are in inches and are rounded to the nearest inch or fraction of an inch and in cm. Dimensions may vary slightly due to variations in moulding width or at the discretion of the artist. Unless otherwise stated, the dimensions listed refer to the actual size of the unframed artwork.

All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and all orders are processed in Canadian dollars.

International shipments
Products purchased through the Site may only be sold and distributed to customers in Canada; the website does not allow online purchase for customers outside of Canada. Those who wish to make an acquisition can do so by contacting Bastien-artiste customer service at 1-438-390-7601 or by email at Orders placed outside of Canada, including from the United States, are not subject to the Canadian Federal Goods and Services Tax, applicable provincial sales taxes, or other Canadian taxes and duties associated with an order for products. For shipments outside Canada, the cost of delivery is based on the destination, weight, format and value of the works and includes any taxes and customs duties imposed by the authorities of the country of destination.

Privacy policy

Bastien-artiste is committed to protecting the privacy rights of its clients and users of its website. Bastien-artiste details below its confidentiality and security measures in order to make public its practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure, in other words the management of personal information entrusted to it, to Bastien-artist or through its website.

Security of personal information
Bastien-artiste has implemented security measures to protect its customers and users of its website from loss or unauthorized use of their information under the control of Bastien-artiste.

Bastien-artiste maintains the confidentiality of all personal information collected in its workshop and on its website. It only discloses this information to its authorized suppliers who require this information for the purposes described in these confidentiality and security measures. It maintains administrative, technical and physical safeguards against unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure of personal information for which it has custody and control.

However, no security mechanism is perfect and its customers and users of its website must be advised that there is always a certain level of risk that personal information transmitted to Bastien-artist are disclosed without fault from Bastien-artist and without their consent. Bastien-artiste disclaims all liability for the fact that such confidential information may be disclosed, except in cases of negligence on the part of Bastien-artiste.

Information gathering
In different circumstances, Bastien-artiste may collect the personal information of its clients and users of its website such as their name, address, email address and, where applicable, certain other information. Bastien-artiste may request this information from its clients and website users when they:
- purchase, return or exchange an item in the shop, by phone or online;
— fill out the registration form to receive your newsletter;
— request information on its products and services;
— contact customer service.

Users of the website are under no obligation to provide any information whatsoever when visiting the site. If a customer chooses not to provide the required personal information, however, they may not be able to benefit from certain features such as newsletter registration and online purchase. In addition, Bastien-artiste may not be able to communicate with him or process his request or order. It is important that minimum information is provided so that payment and delivery can be made.

Data collected on the Web
When purchasing online through its website, Bastien-artiste only collects personal information necessary for the processing of a current and/or future order. The personal information and credit card number of a user required for online payment is only transmitted to the external provider responsible for processing online transactions, as detailed in the online purchasing policy. Bastien-artiste does not retain any credit card numbers provided as part of an online transaction through the Website.

When a user of the website chooses to voluntarily transmit personal information by email or electronic form, Bastien-artiste uses only the information necessary to respond to the message of this user or to follow up on his request.

The data collected by Bastien-artiste allows it to personalize its relationships with its customers and users of its website and, if necessary, send them, from time to time, information on its site and its products in a personalized way. Moreover, Bastien-artiste does not market its user lists. Of course, users always have the choice to opt out of receiving information on and its products, including simple and accessible unsubscribe procedures.

Information may be compiled by Bastien-artiste in relation to the use made of its website, but under no circumstances can users be personally identified. Bastien-artiste collects the IP addresses (Internet protocol) of all visitors to the site as well as other related information such as the pages viewed, the type of browser, the operating system and the average distribution of time spent on its site. This information is used for the administration of the website and systems, for statistical purposes, and for the improvement of the website.

Bastien-artiste, makes every effort to ensure that our customers can make their purchases online safely. The website is hosted on an SSL secure server, which means that all data transmitted online is encrypted and completely protected. Even if a user of the site pays by credit card, he will have to provide his card number with each purchase. For added security, no confidential data will be kept on our server.

Disclosure of personal information
Under certain circumstances, Bastien-artiste may disclose personal information of its clients;
— Disclosure to service providers:
Bastien-artiste uses courier companies to provide shipping services. Where necessary, contact information collected from our customers is shared with these companies and is intended solely for shipping and delivery purposes. Although the chosen suppliers have some of the best privacy policies in the industry, Bastien-artiste cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this information by these employees.

— Disclosure to government, law enforcement and legal agencies:
Bastien-artiste also reserves the right to transmit personal data of its customers and users of its website to a government institution exercising its legitimate authority to obtain this information, or where Bastien-artiste has reasonable grounds to believe that such information could be useful in an investigation of illegal activities, or in complying with a subpoena, warrant or court order, a person or entity with the power to require the production of information, or to comply with the rules of the court with respect to the production of records and information. Bastien-artiste may also disclose personal information to its legal advisors in order to protect its property rights on the site or those of its users and partners.

Social Media and Newsletter

Bastien-artiste informs its clients, visitors and users of its website of the reception of new collections, the addition of a new name to its list of artists, its activities or any other news via social media and/ or the Bastien-artiste newsletter. Social media subscriptions are voluntary. The configuration of the information received (choice of language, frequency of notifications) is also carried out by the user.

Anyone who wishes to receive the Bastien-artiste newsletter can request it by email at or by completing the online form.

Bastien-artiste’s website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkind pages may incorporate hyperlinks to other sites. Bastien-artiste makes no commitment regarding any website to which users of its website and its Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkind pages may have access via the latter, and declares itself completely independent from these sites. Bastien-artiste has no control over the content of these sites and the presence of these links does not in any way constitute its adherence to other websites and/or social media presence.

Change reserves

Bastien-artiste reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change this policy at any time, without notice or liability. The regular use of this site after the posting of the modifications to these conditions of use constitutes the acceptance of these. We invite you to regularly consult this section to be informed of any changes that may occur to the conditions of use of the site.

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