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personalized advisory services

Customer satisfaction is part of Bastien-artiste’s DNA. Whether individuals, companies, collectors or novices, all are invited to benefit from an improved shopping experience thanks to Bastien-artiste’s personalized consulting service.

- Bastien-artiste provides unparalleled service throughout the purchase process.
Your interest, your tastes and your budget are at the heart of our recommendations.

- The website is updated daily to ensure the availability of the latest artwork.

- Personalized photography service provides access to additional photos and close-ups of a coveted work.

- Personalized follow-up is offered to help a client with specific requests (formats, topics, etc.) find works of interest.

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For any purchase made at Bastien-artiste or by phone, the Bastien-artiste Courtesy Service allows payments to be spread over a defined period (6, 12, 24, 36, 48 months or more), without fees or interest.

Example of payment terms
For a total purchase of $3,600 CAD, it is possible to pay by:
6 payments of $600/month;
12 payments of $300/month;
24 payments of $150/month;
36 payments of $100/month or other, depending on the agreements reached.

Payments are made by monthly debit to a MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card. These payment facilities being supported by Bastien-artiste, your claim is not transferred to a financial institution. The acquired work is shipped without delay after having paid in full.

Online payment
The website does not allow online installment purchases. However, those who wish to take advantage of the Bastien-artiste Courtesy Service or obtain additional information can do so by contacting Bastien-artiste Customer Service at 1-438-390-7601 or by email at  

gift certificate

The gift certificate is a certificate duly signed and issued by Bastien-artiste intended to be used for the acquisition of any work of art by the artist Bastien.

Bastien-artiste offers gift certificates of the value of your choice (50, 100, 250, 500, $1,000, ...) for all special occasions; birthday, wedding, graduation, retirement, etc. They include the name of the beneficiary, the name(s) of the donor(s) and the date of issue.

Gift certificates are applicable on all our inventory, tables and reproductions. Always in demand, they are highly appreciated by art lovers, both novices and connoisseurs. They also represent a way to offer his family a real crush.

To order a gift certificate, please contact Bastien-artiste customer service at 1-438-390-7601 or by email at .


opening hours

come and meet me.

Wed-Fri: 18:00- 21:00

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

by appointment only, thank you

I’m open all year.  For my business hours for the coming months, I invite you to contact me by phone at 1-438-390-7601 or by email at

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